OLD elected Wilhelm Strohm (Foto links) from Nordhorn as its Chairman. Wilhelm Strohm will also enhance the executive board of the Verband der Züchter des Oldenburger Pferdes as well as the presidium of the Oldenburg Verband. The retired tax consultant and his wife Margarete breed horses at their farm in Nordhorn.   


Further members of the OLD executive board are: Wilhelm Weerda (President of the Verband der Züchter des Oldenburger Pferdes e.V.) from Wilhelmshaven, and Paul Schockemöhle (Chairman of Springpferdezuchtverband Oldenburg-International e.V.) from Mühlen, as well as Egon Wichmann, Edewecht, Urs Schweizer, Löningen, and Heiner Kanowski, Wedemark.



In a discussion: 

Mr. Strohm, What are OLD's intentions? 

Wilhelm Strohm: “OLD selectively and efficiently promotes horses and their riders.  OLD does not concentrate solely on upper level sport but also promotes a wide base. This is the only way that a sound group can grow to the top. OLD also increases the level of awareness of the Oldenburg horse and therefore breeders also profit from the work carried out by the promotion association.” 


What are your plans for the future of OLD?

I am especially interested in promoting young people. A great example of how such promotion can work is  Piet Menke and his Cesha OLD.  Piet Menke, who is only 12 years old, and his seven-year old Cesha OLD have celebrated major breakthroughs internationally. I would also like to focus more intensely on OS. In the past, OLD has clearly concentrated more on the promotion of dressage horses and their riders but I would like to selectively expand our concept to the show jumping area.